Summer School: Topics in Non-commutative Geometry

Dates: September 8-12, 2014
Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45
Organizers: Alan L. Carey, Victor Gayral, Matthias Lesch, Walter van Suijlekom, Raimar Wulkenhaar

The summer school provides an introduction to contemporary topics in non-commutative geometry and some of its applications. The lectures are directed at beginning PhD students.

Program: There are four topics each consisting of four lectures. There will be informal discussion sessions organized and students will be able to interact with the lecturers and the participants of the Trimester Program.

  • Harald Grosse: Non-commutative quantum field theory
  • Ralf Meyer: Symmetries in non-commutative geometry
  • Erik van Erp: Lie groupoids in index theory
  • Masoud Khalkhali: Introduction to non-commutative geometry


Participants of the Summer School (click to enlarge)