Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2014c01 Arici, Francesca; Kaad, Jens; Landi, Giovanni Pimsner algebras and Gysin sequences from principal circle actions 1409.5335 MR3500816
2014c02 Boeijink, Jord; van den Dungen, Koen On globally non-trivial almost-commutative manifolds 1405.5368 MR3390477
2014c03 D'Andrea, Francesco; Landi, Giovanni Quantum weighted projective and lens spaces 1410.4508 MR3395155
2014c04 van Erp, Erik; Julg, Pierre The geometry of the osculating nilpotent group structures of the Heisenberg calculus 1007.4759 MR3694098
2014c05 Cornelissen, Gunther; Reynolds, Jonathan The perfect power problem for elliptic curves over function fields 1411.7787 MR3484678
2014c06 Gayral, Victor; Jondreville, David Deformation quantization for actions of (ℚp)d 1409.3349 MR3336728
2014c07 Bourne, Chris; Carey, Alan L.; Rennie, Adam The bulk-edge correspondence for the quantum Hall effect in Kasparov theory 1411.7527 MR3376593
2014c08 Lechtenfeld, Olaf; Popov, Alexander D.; Szabo, Richard J. Sasakian quiver gauge theories and instantons on Calabi-Yau cones 1412.4409 MR3573027
2014c09 Dabrowski, Ludwik; Landi, Giovanni; Luef, Franz Sigma-model solitons on noncommutative spaces 1501.02331 MR3420593
2014c10 Pennig, Ulrich A non-commutative model for higher twisted K-Theory 1502.02807 MR3465839
2014c11 Mesland, Bram; Rennie, Adam Nonunital spectral triples and metric completeness in unbounded KK-theory 1502.04520 MR3545223
2014c12 Franco, Nicolas; Eckstein, Michał Causality in noncommutative two-sheeted space-times 1502.04683 MR3372018
2014c13 Meyer, Ralf; Pennig, Ulrich Crossed module actions on continuous trace C*-algebras 1506.01311 MR3528418
2014c14 Cornelissen, Gunther; Kool, Janne Edge reconstruction of the Ihara zeta function 1507.03411 MR3814260
2014c15 Lesch, Matthias; Moscovici, Henri Modular curvature and Morita equivalence 1505.00964 MR3540454
2014c16 Fathizadeh, Farzad; Gabriel, Olivier On the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet theorem and conformally twisted spectral triples for C*-dynamical systems 1506.07913 MR3458156
2014c17 Barnea, Ilan; Joachim, Michael; Mahanta, Snigdhayan Model structure on projective systems of C*-algebras and bivariant homology theories 1508.04283 MR3649664
2014c18 Mahanta, Snigdhayan C*-algebraic drawings of dendroidal sets 1501.05799 MR3954278
2014c19 Mahanta, Snigdhayan Colocalizations of noncommutative spectra and bootstrap categories 1412.8370 MR3406496
2014c20 Baer, Christian; Strohmaier, Alexander An index theorem for Lorentzian manifolds with compact spacelike Cauchy boundary 1506.00959 MR4011805
2014c21 Kurkov, Maxim A.; Lizzi, Fedele; Sakellariadou, Mairi; Watcharangkool, Apimook Spectral action with zeta function regularization 1412.4669 MR3415334
2014c22 Devastato, Agostino; Lizzi, Fedele; Flores, Carlos Valcarcel; Vassilevich, Dmitri Unification of coupling constants, dimension 6 operators and the spectral action 1410.6624 appeared in Int. J. Mod. Phys. A30 (2015) 07, 1550033
2014c23 Fathizadeh, Farzad On the scalar curvature for the noncommutative four torus 1410.8705 MR3369894
2014c24 Matassa, Marco An analogue of Weyl's law for quantized irreducible generalized flag manifolds 1410.8029 MR3402497
2014c25 Baum, Paul F.; Dabrowski, Ludwik; Hajac, Piotr M. Noncommutative Borsuk-Ulam-type conjectures 1502.05756 MR3469159
2014c26 Carey, Alan; Grosse, Harald; Kaad, Jens On a spectral flow formula for the homological index 1501.05453 MR3439708
2014c27 Fathi, Ali; Khalkhali, Masoud On certain spectral invariants of Dirac operators on noncommutative tori 1504.01174  
2014c28 Fathizadeh, Farzad; Ghorbanpour, Asghar; Khalkhali, Masoud Rationality of spectral action for Robertson-Walker metrics 1407.5972 MR3303529
2014c29 Fathi, Ali; Ghorbanpour, Asghar; Khalkhali, Masoud Curvature of the determinant line bundle for the noncommutative two torus 1410.0475 MR3590385
2014c30 Arnlind, Joakim; Wilson, Mitsuru Riemannian curvature of the noncommutative 3-sphere 1505.07330 MR3669111
2014c31 Takeishi, Takuya Irreducible representations of Bost-Connes systems 1412.6900 MR3554839
2014c32 Neumann, Niels; van Suijlekom, Walter D. Perturbation semigroup of matrix algebras 1410.5961 MR3500821
2014c33 Deeley, Robin J.; Goffeng, Magnus; Mesland, Bram The bordism group of unbounded KK-cycles 1503.07398 MR3809592
2014c34 van den Dungen, Koen; Rennie, Adam Indefinite Kasparov modules and pseudo-Riemannian manifolds 1503.06916 MR3556521
2014c35 Forsyth, Iain; Rennie, Adam Factorisation of equivariant spectral triples in unbounded KK-theory 1505.02863 MR4001566
2014c36 Bourne, Chris; Carey, Alan L.; Rennie, Adam A non-commutative framework for topological insulators 1509.07210 MR3484317
2014c37 Lorscheid, Oliver Scheme theoretic tropicalization 1508.07949  
2014c38 Samary, Dine Ousmane; Pérez-Sánchez, Carlos I.; Vignes-Tourneret, Fabien; Wulkenhaar, Raimar Correlation functions of a just renormalizable tensorial group field theory: the melonic approximation 1411.7213 MR3382874
2014c39 Connes, Alain; Consani, Caterina Absolute algebra and Segal's Gamma sets 1502.05585  
2014c40 van Erp, Erik; Yuncken, Robert A groupoid approach to pseudodifferential operators 1511.01041  
2014c41 Renault, Jean N.; Williams, Dana P. Amenability of groupoids arising from partial semigroup actions and topological higher rank graphs 1501.03027 MR3592511
2014c42 Savin, Anton Yu.; Sternin, Boris Yu. Elliptic G-operators on manifolds with isolated singularities 1511.01886 MR3545771
2014c43 Levitina, Galina; Sukochev, Fedor; Zanin, Dmitriy Lipschitz properties of smoothed signum for the Dirac operator in preparation  
2014c44 Bourne, Chris; Kellendonk, Johannes; Rennie, Adam The K-theoretic bulk-edge correspondence for topological insulators 1604.02337 MR3635969
2014c45 Eckstein, Michał; Franco, Nicolas; Miller, Tomasz The noncommutative geometry of Zitterbewegung 1610.10083  
2014c46 van Suijlekom, Walter D. Localizing gauge theories from noncommutative geometry 1411.6482 MR3451935
2014c47 Bytsenko, Andrey A.; Szabo, Richard J.; Tureanu, Anca Stratified fiber bundles, Quinn homology and brane stability of hyperbolic orbifolds 1502.07560 MR3479141