Happy Hour of Math

Venue: Garden (or room 20 according to the weather), Poppelsdorfer Allee 45
Francesca Colasuonno, Giuseppe De Nittis, Max Lein, Henrik van Lengerich

Monday, August 27, 18:00
Stephan Luckhaus: Multiscale plasticity (III). Towards a method of upscaling

Tuesday, August 23, 15:00
Thomas Blesgen: Phase field models for diffusion, elasticity and microstructure

Tuesday, August 14, 15:00
Axel Voigt: How grain growth stops, a modeling approach beyond
Mullins equation

Monday, July 30, 18:00
Sebastian Heinz: Microstructures in planar elasticity

Friday, July 27, 18:00
Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis: Current reservoirs in the simple exclusion process

Wednesday, July 25, 18:00
Hamdi Zorgati: Thin films and dimension reduction

Thursday, July 19, 18:00
Jens Wohlgemuth: Model for reference free plasticity: Identification of topological defects.

Wednesday, July 18, 18:00
André Schlichting: Overdamped Langevin equations at low temperature

Thursday, July 12, 18:00
Mark Wilkinson: Mathematical Topics in the Q-tensor Theory of Nematic Liquid Crystals

Monday, July 9, 18:00
Marcello Ponsiglione: Ginzburg Landau approach to dislocations

Wednesday, July 4, 18:00
Brendan Pass: Multi-marginal optimal transportation

Friday, June 29, 17:30
Giuseppe De Nittis: Piezo-current in graphene: two months later

Wednesday, June 27, 18:00
Kaushik Dayal: Two Extensions of the Quasicontinuum Atomic Multiscale Method Motivated by (eventual) application to (i) Ionic Conduction in Solid Oxide Electrolytes, and (ii) Passage of Proteins and Drugs through the Human Cell Wall

Thursday, June 21, 18:00
Anna Maltsev: Local law at the hard edge for random covariance matrices

Thursday, June 21, 15:00
Michael Ortiz: Spectral reduction of Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory

Monday, June 18, 18:00
Henrik van Lengerich: Developing a simple theory of self-assembly

Wednesday, June 13, 18:00
Francesca Colasuonno: Lifespan estimates for solutions of Kirchhoff problems 

Monday, June 11, 18:00
Elena Pulvirenti: Cluster expansion in the canonical ensemble

Wednesday, June 6, 18:00
Sabine Jansen: Statistical mechanics at low temperature and low density

Tuesday, June 5, 18:00
Phoebos Rosakis: Surface Energy from a Lattice Model

Friday, June 1, 17:00
Joe Chen: Analysis on Fractals

Thursday, May 31, 17:00
Antonio de Simone: Motility of Microscopic Scales

Wednesday, May 30, 17:00
Malena Espanol: Deriving continuum models from lattice models using Gamma convergence

Thursday, May 24, 17:00
Rafael Greenblatt: Rewriting Ising-type models

Tuesday, May 22, 17:00
Amartya Banerjee: Exploiting symmetries in solid state physics

Wednesday, May 16, 17:00
Amartya Banerjee: Introduction to Density Functional Theory

Monday, May 14, 17:00
Max Lein: Effective tight-binding models for the piezoelectric effect in graphene

Friday, May 11, 17:00
Max Lein: Effective one-electron models for crystalline solids