Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2013c01 Zalesski, Alexandre E. On the Steinberg character of an orthogonal group over a finite field 1310.4440 MR3200111
2013c02 Wesolek, Phillip Conjugacy class conditions in locally compact second countable groups 1310.1561 MR3415606
2013c03 Mildenberger, Heike Finitely many near-coherence classes of ultrafilters 1404.7350  
2013c04 Garbulińska-Wȩgrzyn, Joanna; Kubiś, Wiesław A universal operator on the Gurariĭ space 1310.2380 MR3322761
2013c05 Jasiński, Jakub; Laflamme, Claude; Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel; Woodrow, Robert Ramsey precompact expansions of homogeneous directed graphs 1310.6466 MR3292279
2013c06 Bogachev, Leonid V. Unified derivation of the limit shape for multiplicative ensembles of random integer partitions with equiweighted parts 1111.3311 MR3382672
2013c07 Evans, David M.; Tsankov, Todor Free actions of free groups on countable structures and property (T) 1312.5140 MR3417738
2013c08 Sabok, Marcin Automatic continuity for isometry groups 1312.5141 MR3936642
2013c09 Vershik, Anatoly M. Intrinsic metric on graded graphs, standardness, and invariant measures 1312.7239 MR3479463
2013c10 Bartošová, Dana; Kwiatkowska, Aleksandra Lelek fan from a projective Fraïssé limit 1312.7514 MR3361235
2013c11 Ben Yaacov, Itaï; Tsankov, Todor Weakly almost periodic functions, model-theoretic stability, and minimality of topological groups 1312.7757 MR3546800
2013c12 Bodirsky, Manuel; Pinsker, Michael; Pongrácz, András Reconstructing the topology of clones 1312.7699 MR3605985
2013c13 Doucha, Michal Metrically universal abelian groups 1312.7683 MR3646786
2013c14 Hubička, Jan; Nešetřil, Jaroslav Bowtie-free graphs have a Ramsey lift 1402.2700  
2013c15 Fiala, Jiří; Hubička, Jan; Long, Yangjing Universality of intervals of line graph order 1402.3736 MR3219262
2013c16 Bogachev, Leonid V. Limit shape of random convex polygonal lines: even more universality 1111.3529 MR3252668
2013c17 Doucha, Michal Non-abelian group structure on the Urysohn universal space 1403.3277 MR3294611
2013c18 Melleray, Julien; Nguyen Van Thé, Lionel; Tsankov, Todor Polish groups with metrizable universal minimal flows 1404.6167 MR3509926
2013c19 Ben Yaacov, Itaï; Kaïchouh, Adriane Reconstruction of separably categorical metric structures 1405.4177 MR3471137
2013c20 Cherlin, Gregory Henson graphs and Urysohn-Henson graphs as Cayley graphs pdf MR3402407
2013c21 Koshevoy, Gleb Cluster monomials in ℂ[GLn/N], a simplicial fan in the cone of semi-standard Young tableaux, and the Lusztig basis 1411.3569  
2013c22 Grigoryev, Dmitry; Koshevoy, Gleb Complexity of tropical Schur polynomials pdf MR3424031
2013c23 Ben Yaacov, Itaï; Henson, C. Ward Generic orbits and type isolation in the Gurarij space 1211.4814 MR3606398
2013c24 Vershik, Anatoly The problem of describing central measures on the path spaces of graded graphs 1408.3291 MR3372738
2013c25 Towsner, Henry σ-algebras for quasirandom hypergraphs 1312.4882 MR3583029
2013c26 Ackerman, Nathanael; Freer, Cameron; Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Patel, Rehana Invariant measures via inverse limits of finite structures 1310.8147 MR3425980
2013c27 Ackerman, Nathanael; Freer, Cameron; Kwiatkowska, Aleksandra; Patel, Rehana A classification of orbits admitting a unique invariant measure 1412.2735 MR3564374
2013c28 Mwesigye, F.; Truss, J. K. Finitely coloured ordinals pdf  
2013c29 Glasner, Eli RP[d] is an equivalence relation: An enveloping semigroup proof 1402.3135  
2013c30 Glasner, Eli; Megrelishvili, Michael Eventual nonsensitivity and tame dynamical systems 1405.2588  
2013c31 Ben Yaacov, Itaï; Ibarlucía, Tomás; Tsankov, Todor Eberlein oligomorphic groups 1602.05097 MR3739206
2013c32 Henson, C. Ward; Raynaud, Yves Asymptotically Hilbertian modular Banach spaces: examples of uncountable categoricity 1606.03122 MR3563845
2013c33 Evans, David M.; Ghadernezhad, Zaniar; Tent, Katrin Simplicity of the automorphism groups of some Hrushovski constructions 1312.3430 MR3413492
2013c34 Glasner, Eli; Gutman, Yonatan; Ye, XiangDong Higher order regionally proximal equivalence relations for general minimal group actions 1706.07227 MR3818095