Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2010b01 Bugeaud, Yann; Hubert, Pascal; Schmidt, Thomas A. Transcendence with Rosen continued fractions 1007.2050 MR2998829
2010b02 Basmajian, Ara Universal length bounds for non-simple closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces pdf MR3065183
2010b03 Calegari, Danny; Maher, Joseph Statistics and compression of scl 1008.4952 MR3294292
2010b04 Clay, Matt; Leininger, Christopher J.; Mangahas, Johanna The geometry of right-angled Artin subgroups of mapping class groups 1007.1129 MR2914860
2010b05 Hubert, Pascal; Schmidt, Thomas A. Diophantine approximation on Veech surfaces 1010.3475 MR3059850
2010b06 Kim, Inkang; Pansu, Pierre Density of Zariski density for surface groups 1009.2258 MR3217766
2010b07 Kim, Inkang; Pansu, Pierre Flexibility of surface groups in classical simple Lie groups 1101.1159 MR3420506
2010b08 Krushkal, Samuel The Grunsky operator, Ahlfors question and geometry of Universal Teichmüller space pdf  
2010b09 Ohshika, Ken'ichi Divergence, exotic convergence and self-bumping in quasi-Fuchsian spaces 1010.0070 MR4196704
2010b10 Kokotov, Alexey Polyhedral surfaces and determinant of Laplacian - MR2996977
2010b11 Hillairet, Luc; Kokotov, Alexey Krein formula and S-matrix for euclidean surfaces with conical singularities 1011.5034 MR3078362
2010b12 Athreya, Jayadev S.; Chaika, Jon The distribution of gaps for saddle connection directions 1012.4298 MR3000496
2010b13 Delecroix, Vincent Cardinality of Rauzy classes 1106.0807 MR3186505
2010b14 Forni, Giovanni; Matheus, Carlos; Zorich, Anton Square-tiled cyclic covers 1007.4275 MR2820563
2010b15 Matheus, Carlos Appendix "Other relevant examples" to Giovanni Forni's paper "A geometric criterion for the nonuniform hyperbolicity of the Kontsevich-Zorich cocycle" 1009.4655 MR2820565
2010b16 Delecroix, Vincent; Matheus, Carlos Un contre-exemple à la réciproque du critère de Forni pour la positivité des exposants de Lyapunov du cocycle de Kontsevich-Zorich 1103.1560 MR3507255
2010b17 Matheus, Carlos; Weitze-Schmithüsen, Gabriela Explicit Teichmüller curves with complemetary series 1109.0517 MR3203688
2010b18 Forni, Giovanni; Matheus, Carlos; Zorich, Anton Lyapunov spectrum of invariant subbundles of the Hodge bundle 1112.0370 MR3233697
2010b19 Alessandrini, Daniele; Liu, Lixin; Papadopoulos, Athanase; Su, Weixu The behaviour of Fenchel-Nielsen distance under a change of pants decomposition 1105.0202 MR2928717
2010b20 McMullen, Curtis T. Entropy on Riemann surfaces and the Jacobians of finite covers pdf MR3134416
2010b21 McMullen, Curtis T. Diophantine and ergodic foliations on surfaces pdf MR3065179
2010b22 McMullen, Curtis T. Navigating moduli space with complex twists pdf MR3055760
2010b23 Chen, Dawei; Möller, Martin Nonvarying sums of Lyapunov exponents of Abelian differentials in low genus 1104.3932 MR3033521
2010b24 Eskin, Alex; Kontsevich, Maxim; Zorich, Anton Sum of Lyapunov exponents of the Hodge bundle with respect to the Teichmüller geodesic flow 1112.5872 MR3270590
2010b25 Eskin, Alex; Kontsevich, Maxim; Zorich, Anton Lyapunov spectrum of square-tiled cyclic covers 1007.5330 MR2820564
2010b26 Eskin, Alex; Mirzakhani, Maryam Counting closed geodesics in moduli space 0811.2362 MR2787598
2010b27 Bowman, Joshua P.; Valdez, Ferrán Wild singularities of flat surfaces 1110.1350 MR3096607
2010b28 Valdez, Ferrán; Weitze-Schmithüsen, Gabriela On the geometry and arithmetic of infinite translation surfaces 1102.0974 MR3249061
2010b29 Bainbridge, Matt; Möller, Martin The locus of real multiplication and the Schottky locus 1107.3832 MR3176603
2010b30 Earle, Clifford J.; Marden, Albert Holomorphic plumbing coordinates - MR2933892
2010b31 Lanneau, Erwan; Nguyen, Duc-Manh Teichmüller curves generated by Weierstrass Prym eigenforms in genus 3 and genus 4 1111.2299 MR3217628
2010b32 Lenzhen, Anna; Rafi, Kasra; Tao, Jing Bounded combinatorics and the Lipschitz metric on Teichmüller space 1011.6078 MR2944537
2010b33 Forni, Giovanni; Matheus, Carlos; Zorich, Anton Zero Lyapunov exponents of the Hodge bundle 1201.6075 MR3225454
2010b34 Boissy, Corentin; Lanneau, Erwan Pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms on translation surfaces in hyperelliptic components have large entropy 1005.4148 MR2899683
2010b35 Lanneau, Erwan; Thiffeault, Jean-Luc On the minimum dilatation of braids on punctured discs 1004.5344 MR2795241
2010b36 Marden, Albert Outer circles - MR2355387
2010b37 Kraaikamp, Cor; Schmidt, Thomas A.; Steiner, Wolfgang Natural extensions and entropy of α-continued fractions 1011.4283 MR2946184
2010b38 Calta, Kariane; Schmidt, Thomas A. Continued fractions for a class of triangle groups 1103.2076 MR3061992
2010b39 Hubert, Pascal; Schmithüsen, Gabriela Infinite translation surfaces with infinitely generated Veech groups - MR2753950
2010b40 Schmoll, Martin Veech groups for holonomy-free torus covers - MR2887675
2010b41 Athreya, Jayadev S.; Eskin, Alex; Zorich, Anton Right-angled billiards and volumes of moduli spaces of quadratic differentials on CP1 1212.1660 MR3592359