Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2012-14x01 Aizenbud, Avraham; Sayag, Eitan On a Cohen-Macauly property of spherical varieties pdf  
2012-14x02 Aizenbud, Avraham; Sayag, Eitan A short proof of Hironaka's Theorem on freeness of some Hecke modules pdf  
2012-14x03 Aizenbud, Avraham; Sayag, Eitan Homological multiplicities in representation theory of p-adic groups pdf  
2012-14x04 Aizenbud, Avraham; Avni, Nir Counting points of schemes over finite rings and counting representations of arithmetic lattices 1502.07004 MR3859363
2012-14x05 Chen, Tsao-Hsien; Yom Din, Alexander A formula for the geometric Jacquet functor and its character sheaf analogue 1507.00606 MR3678501
2012-14x06 Bernstein, Joseph; Sayag, Eitan Harish-Chandra finiteness theorem in families in preparation  
2012-14x07 Gal, Adam; Gal, Elena Symmetric self-adjoint Hopf categories and a categorical Heisenberg double 1406.3973 MR3667212
2012-14x08 Aizenbud, Avraham; Gourevitch, Dmitry; Sayag, Eitan z-finite distributions on p-adic groups 1405.2540 MR3406530
2012-14x09 Bernstein, Joseph; Reznikov, Andre Periods and global invariants of automorphic representations 1312.2898  
2012-14x10 Bernstein, Joseph Stacks in representation theory. What is a continuous representation of an algebraic group? 1410.0435  
2012-14x11 Musicantov, Evgeny; Yom Din, Alexander Reciprocity laws and K-theory 1410.5391 MR3599515
2012-14x12 Sayag, Eitan; Venketasubramanian, Coolimuttam G. Representations of GL(n) distinguished by GL(k) × GL(n-k) in preparation  
2012-14x13 Loke, Hung Yean; Ma, Jia-Jun Local theta correspondences between supercuspidal representations 1512.01797 MR3861566
2012-14x14 Loke, Hung Yean; Ma, Jia-Jun; Savin, Gordan Local theta correspondences between epipelagic supercuspidal representations 1501.07069 MR3489064
2012-14x15 Mitra, Arnab; Sayag, Eitan Sp-distinction and Bernstein components in preparation  
2012-14x16 Mitra, Arnab; Venketasubramanian, Coolimuttam G. Base change and (GLn(F),GLn−1(F))-distinction   MR3518177
2012-14x17 Krötz, Bernhard; Sayag, Eitan; Schlichtkrull, Henrik Decay of matrix coefficients on reductive homogeneous spaces of spherical type 1211.2943 MR3267577
2012-14x18 Gurevich, Maxim; Ma, Jia-Jun; Mitra, Arnab On two questions concerning representations distinguished by the Galois involution 1609.03155 MR3739332