Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2012c01 Tanimoto, Yoh Construction of wedge-local QFT through Longo-Witten endomorphisms 1209.1370 MR3204499
2012c02 Lechner, Gandalf; Schlemmer, Jan; Tanimoto, Yoh On the equivalence of two deformation schemes in quantum field theory 1209.2547 MR3029327
2012c03 Dybalski, Wojciech; Møller, Jacob Schach The translation invariant massive Nelson model: III. Asymptotic completeness below the two-Boson threshold 1210.6645 MR3411743
2012c04 Dybalski, Wojciech; Gérard, Christian Towards asymptotic completeness of two-particle scattering in local relativistic QFT 1211.3393 MR3162485
2012c05 Creutzig, Thomas; Höhn, Gerald; Miezaki, Tsuyoshi The McKay-Thompson series of Mathieu moonshine modulo two 1211.3703 MR3231314
2012c06 Bonetti, Federico; Grimm, Thomas W.; Hohenegger, Stefan Non-abelian tensor towers and (2,0) superconformal theories 1209.3017 MR3080532
2012c07 Filippini, Sara Angela; Stoppa, Jacopo Block-Göttsche invariants from wall-crossing 1212.4976 MR3383167
2012c08 Carqueville, Nils; Runkel, Ingo Orbifold completion of defect bicategories 1210.6363 MR3459961
2012c09 Tanimoto, Yoh Construction of two-dimensional quantum field models through Longo-Witten endomorphisms 1301.6090 MR3264245
2012c10 Filippini, Sara Angela; Stoppa, Jacopo TBA type equations and tropical curves 1306.3852 MR3521590
2012c11 Creutzig, Thomas; Höhn, Gerald Mathieu moonshine and the geometry of K3 surfaces 1309.2671 MR3271177
2012c12 Brunner, Ilka; Carqueville, Nils; Plencner, Daniel Orbifolds and topological defects 1307.3141 MR3257659
2012c13 Dybalski, Wojciech; Pizzo, Alessandro Coulomb scattering in the massless Nelson model I. Foundations of two-electron scattering 1302.5001 MR3162553
2012c14 Dybalski, Wojciech; Pizzo, Alessa Coulomb scattering in the massless Nelson model II. Regularity of ground states 1302.5012  
2012c15 Chuang, Wu-yen; Diaconescu, Duiliu-Emanuel; Manschot, Jan; Moore, Gregory W.; Soibelman, Yan Geometric engineering of (framed) BPS states 1301.3065 MR3281276
2012c16 Haghighat, Babak; Manschot, Jan; Vandoren, Stefan A 5d/2d/4d correspondence 1211.0513 MR3046675
2012c17 Manton, Nicholas S. Vortex solutions of the Popov equations 1211.4352 MR3041527
2012c18 Dorigoni, Daniele; Dunajski, Maciej; Manton, Nicholas S. Vortex motion on surfaces of small curvature 1308.3088 MR3131723
2012c19 Baptista, Joao M. Vortices as degenerate metrics 1212.3561 MR3200937
2012c20 Creutzig, Thomas; Ridout, David Modular data and Verlinde formulae for fractional level WZW models I 1306.4388 MR2968504
2012c21 Creutzig, Thomas; Ridout, David; Wood, Simon Coset constructions of logarithmic (1,p)-models 1305.2665 MR3197005
2012c22 Creutzig, Thomas; Ridout, David Logarithmic conformal field theory: beyond an introduction 1303.0847 MR3146012
2012c23 Rejzner, Katarzyna Remarks on local symmetry invariance in perturbative algebraic quantum field theory 1301.7037 MR3296643
2012c24 Zahn, Jochen Locally covariant charged fields and background independence 1311.7661 MR3396618
2012c25 Hollands, Lotte; Neitzke, Andrew Spectral networks and Fenchel-Nielsen coordinates 1312.2979 MR3500424
2012c26 Bischoff, Marcel; Tanimoto, Yoh Integrable QFT and Longo-Witten endomorphisms 1305.2171 MR3302606
2012c27 Filippini, Sara Angela; Garcia-Fernandez, Mario; Stoppa, Jacopo Stability data, irregular connections and tropical curves 1403.7404 MR3624914
2012c28 Höhn, Gerald; Mason, Geoffrey Finite groups of symplectic automorphisms of hyperkähler manifolds of type K3[2] 1409.6055 MR3973459
2012c29 Speight, J. Martin Solitons on tori and soliton crystals 1307.3063 MR3253705
2012c30 Álvarez-Cónsul, Luis; Garcia-Fernandez, Mario; García-Prada, Oscar Gravitating vortices, cosmic strings, and the Kähler-Yang-Mills equations 1510.03810 MR3613508
2012c31 Bökstedt, Marcel; Romão, Nuno M. Pairs of pants, Pochhammer curves and L2-invariants 1410.2429  
2012c32 Eriksson, Dennis; Romão, Nuno M. Kähler quantization of vortex moduli 1612.08505  
2012c33 González, Eduardo; Iritani, Hiroshi Seidel elements and potential functions of holomorphic disc counting 1301.5454 MR2960027
2012c34 Szymik, Markus The stable homotopy theory of vortices on Riemann surfaces 1310.7737  
2012c35 Venugopalan, Sushmita; Woodward, Christopher T. Classification of affine vortices 1301.7052 MR3513572
2012c36 Antoniadis, Ignatios; Florakis, Ioannis G.; Hohenegger, Stefan; Narain, Kumar S.; Zein Assi, Ahmad Worldsheet realization of the refined topological string 1302.6993 MR3092511
2012c37 Tanimoto, Yoh Massless Wigner particles in conformal field theory are free 1310.4744 MR3264257
2012c38 Dybalski, Wojciech; Pizzo, Alessandro Coulomb scattering in the massless Nelson model III. Ground state wave functions and non-commutative recurrence relations 1704.02924 MR3748299