Seminar on Field Theory

Venue: HIM lecture hall, Poppelsdorfer Allee 45 (if not stated otherwise)
Coordinator: Konrad Waldorf

Monday, September 12

14:00 Corbett Redden: Trivializations of differential cocycles

Wednesday, September 14

14:00 Konrad Waldorf: Transgression to loop spaces and its inverse

Wednesday, September 21

13:00 Arturo Prat-Waldron: The method of moving polarizations and quasi-classical quantization

Wednesday, October 5

14:00 Fei Han: Introduction to de Rham models of equivariant cohomology

Wednesday, October 12

10:30, MPI lecture hall (Vivatsgasse 7) Thomas Nikolaus: 2-bundles and string structures

Thursday, October 13

10:30 Thomas Nikolaus: 2-bundles and string structures, Part II

Wednesday, October 19

13:00 Alexander Kahle: 1|1-Euclidian Field Theories and Differential K-theory

Monday, October 31

10:30 Ansgar Schneider: Non-commutative T-Duality

Monday, November 14

16:30 Fei Han: Witten genus for foliations

Wednesday, November 16

10:30 Urs Schreiber: Higher dimensional Chern-Simons theories and their moduli stacks