Computational Mathematics

Junior Hausdorff Trimester Program

February - April 2008

Computational aspects are nowadays almost omnipresent in mathematics. This is clear in areas like numerical analysis. But as soon as one can relate mathematics to formulas, computers can be used to either solve equations or to manipulate them symbolically. Of course, if the context involves continuous objects, approximations are necessary.

Six groups were invited to this first Junior program:

  • MIP-PDE: Solving discrete-continuous nonlinear optimal control problems with linear mixed-integer programming techniques (Group A)
  • Adaptive computational stochastic partial di fferential equations (Group B)
  • Numerical discretization methods for di fferential inclusions and applications to robust optimal control problems (Group C)
  • Numerical methods in molecular simulation (Group D)
  • Extreme geometric structures (Group E)
  • Adaptive nonstandard finite element schemes (Group F, organized by Carsten Carstensen)