Publications & Preprints

No. Author(s) Title Preprint
2008c01 Baják, Szabolcs; Páles, Zsolt Computer aided solution of the invariance equation for two-variable Gini means pdf MR2535800
2008c02 Bamler, Richard H. Construction of Einstein metrics by generalized Dehn filling 0911.4730 MR2911887
2008c03 Barchiesi, M.; Kang, S. H.; Le, T. M.; Morini, M.; Ponsiglione, M. A variational model for infinite perimeter segmentations based on Lipschitz level set functions: denoising while keeping finely oscillatory boundaries. pdf MR2728706
2008c04 Burai, Pál; Házy, Attila On approximately h-convex functions pdf MR2828500
2008c05 Burai, Pál; Házy, Attila; Juhász, Tibor On approximately Breckner s-convex functions pdf MR2977958
2008c06 Ramos-Cuevas, Carlos The center conjecture for thick spherical buildings 0909.2761 MR3101173
2008c07 Leeb, Bernhard; Ramos-Cuevas, Carlos The center conjecture for spherical buildings of types F4 and E6 0905.0839 MR2810858
2008c08 Gilányi, Attila; Troczka-Pawelec, Katarzyna Regularity results for generalized convex functions pdf  
2008c09 Gselmann, Eszter; Maksa, Gyula Stability of the parametric fundamental equation of information for nonpositive parameters pdf MR2577167
2008c10 Gselmann, Eszter; Maksa, Gyula The Shannon field of non-negative information functions pdf MR2501546
2008c11 Guilfoyle, Brendan; Klingenberg, Wilhelm Proof of the Caratheodory conjecture by mean curvature flow in the space of oriented affine lines 0808.0851  
2008c12 Quang, Minh Ha; Kang, Sung Ha; Le, Triet M. Image and video colorization using vector-valued reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces pdf MR2607639
2008c13 Kurzke, Matthias; Melcher, Christof; Moser, Roger; Spirn, Daniel Dynamics for Ginzburg-Landau vortices under a mixed flow pdf MR2603761
2008c14 Kurzke, Matthias; Melcher, Christof; Moser, Roger; Spirn, Daniel Ginzburg-Landau vortices driven by the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation pdf MR2771669
2008c15 Kurzke, Matthias; Spirn, Daniel Γ-stability and vortex motion in type II superconductors pdf MR2763341
2008c16 Maksa, Gyula; Páles, Zsolt Decomposition of higher-order Wright-convex functions pdf MR2546759
2008c17 Maksa, Gyula; Páles, Zsolt Remarks on the comparison of weighted quasi-arithmetic means pdf MR2652608
2008c18 Pali, Nefton Lecture notes on the Ein-Popa extension result 0904.0842  
2008c19 Kuwert, Ernst; Schätzle, Reiner Minimizers of the Willmore functional under fixed conformal class 1009.6168 MR3024303
2008c20 Zhu, Xiaohua Stability on Kähler-Ricci flow, I 0908.1488  
2008c21 Gilányi, Attila; Troczka-Pawelec, Katarzyna Regularity of weakly subquadratic functions - MR2810834
2008c22 Guilfoyle, Brendan; Klingenberg, Wilhelm On Weingarten surfaces in Euclidean and Lorentzian 3-space - MR2651535
2008c23 Farber, Michael; Fromm, Viktor Homology of planar telescopic linkages - MR2653056
2008c24 Fonseca, I.; Leoni, G.; Maggi, F.; Morini, M. Exact reconstruction of damaged color images using a total variation model - MR2683761
2008c25 Zhu, Xiaohua Stability of Kähler-Ricci flow on a Fano manifold - MR3072807